Best Indian Astrologer Hemant Sharma Ji's Predictions Sagittarius (Dhanu) Lagna

The Sunlight-The Sunlight is the lord of twelfth home. If powerful, conjunct or aspected by benefics gives very great results, e.g. finance, estates, health, and fane. A weak and afflicted Sunlight in his dasa bhukti leads to eye trouble, a lot costs and penalties from authorities.

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Jupiter-Jupiter is lord of two quadrants and according to Maharisi Parasara is very a lot spoilt simply because loses its auspiciousness totally. Such a Jupiter if weak and positioned in 2nd, sixth or 12th provides well being troubles and trouble from rulers etc. If Jupiter is placed in a quadrant in own home, it is good for estates, prosperity, spiritual nature and prosperity.

The moon is Fruitful due to its central place. It is friendly with lagnesh Mars. Moon will be in Pieces signal in twelfth place. The owner of Items signal Jupiter is yogkarak and will be pleasant with Moon. You may be a winner in court cases. You may be recognized to astrological knowledge and occult science. You might bring laurels to your forefather's title. You might try your luck in international nations. You might show to be a bright and adorable person. You more info might get a lengthy lifestyle and you can be a winner over your enemies.

As the 9th lord is in sixth, the native's father may have to encounter health problems. Unless of course correct care is exercised it might create into a chronic disease. Their revenge is usually cruel and swift if they feel that they have been cheated. Wealth will be gained as a outcome of effective termination of father's legal problems. Money as compensation comes to them immediately. Their father may have to encounter litigation and other problems. Since the ninth lord is in the tenth from the 9th, father gets to be successful skillfully.

12th house is associated with the finish of the game. The Rooks (Saturn) are related from powering the Pawns to advance and transform into Queens, which can checkmate the adversary's King and deliver the victory. Saturn has its joy in the 12th home.

The gems require to be established on metals that are appropriate for it, e.g. Gold, Silver or Iron. Gems also need to be worn on certain fingers or parts of the physique which depends on the gem suggested. Dimension and excess weight of the gem also performs an essential function in influencing its impact on the wearer. It also requirements to be ensured that authentic gems are only worn.

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